This web site was built for self promotion and is becoming a little more than that. After having worked on the web site for a few days I've tapped into a new found energy source, Pride! Building the Gallery's has made me realize the progress I've made as a level designer and gives me new hope of future growth.

I've been Designing and building levels for about 6-7 years. Level building has always been a terrific outlet and has become my profession in the last four years. Since I started building levels professionally I've got to work on a few AAA titles over the past few years. I did a lot of work on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, also worked some on Medal of Honor: Spearhead (before it was named Spearhead by EA). More recently I worked with Infinityward to create the highly successful Call of Duty. I just finished working with Gray Matter to produce Call of Duty: United Offensive. Right now I'm not working for anybody but myself. Spending most of my free time exploring other options in artwork.

Welcome to my web page!

Please have a look around. I've commented a lot of the screen captures of Levels that I've worked on so that you can get a better idea of the works that I have done and maybe even see some potential in this young Level Designer.