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M1L1I did a lot of geometry work on M1L1 Mostly extending the road out for the intro-ride into town. Adding the ride into town was a last minute decision so that area needed to be built fast. I also did the geometry for the courtyard at the end of the level (machine gunner in the window).
M5L1b (I think) - SnipertownI thought this level turned out to be really cool despite what thousands of reviewers had to say. I haven't seen a level with as much atmosphere as this one since. I started the geometry on this Level. Once new and improved art assets came in Adam came in and took over. Not much of what I started was left intact other than the basic shape of the level. I did a lot of visibility optimizing later in the project. You can find a screenshot of the original part that I did in the February 2001 PCgamer (ugly).
M6L3D (I think)The level designer who did this geometry came to me for scripting help. I wrote him a script to have some scientist run out and start screaming and have that tank back there start spewing out steam when the player shot it. I also helped with the Overlay goggles and the objectives.
M1L1another one of those "this is the first level so we got to cram as much stuff in as possible" moments had me coming to the rescue. I built this courtyard area. I especially like when friends are downstairs shooting enemies off the roof above you when your manning the machine gun, they fall and play that funny falling-off-the-balcony animation. good stuff.
M2L1this level always felt like a filler level to me. It became exciting when the Dog ai was implemented.. something crazy fun about dogs chasing you through barracks =). I did all the geometry here. Another Level designer did the scripting. I think a lot of levels in MOHAA became sort of filler levels like this because we were all very young gamedesigners and had ambitions that far exceeded our abilities.
M2L2A,B, C and M2L3this is my favorite contribution to MOHAA. I must have watched the movie "Das Boot" 4 times for inspiration. I really hammered the idea into peoples heads about what I wanted. There was a sequence in the movie where some people were walking through the sub pen and the ambience and detail of the environment was amazing. At the time I really couldn't match the amount of stuff in the movie due to technical constraints, thankfuly we had an awesome sound guy who implemented these features in the soundtrack!
M2l2Ahere a worker welds together some random tubing. I scripted him to keep on welding untill people were alarmed to the player who was in disguise. There were also guys carrying crates, guys hammering some random metal object, and officers walking around. Not a whole bunch of stuff was going on but the music and ambient sound made it feel that way.
M2L2an artist made this really cool effect with particles that had full physics and would bounce ever so realisticly off the sides of the boat. I had to tone down the effect a lot so that the game would still run (have to make room for the crate carrying guy!).
m2l2a view of the awesome submarine.. too bad about the lighting on it. We never did get around to making lighting look right on huge models.
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