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CarrideI did the original Geometry layout for this level. A lot of the scripting that I did for Truckride (things like kubelwagons crashing and basic editor implementation of a car chase) was used in this level. I also helped the new guy to understand the Call of Duty scripting language (he didn't need that much help). It turned out to be one really good car chase.
CarrideChad did an excellent job at scripting the path that Steve and I laid out for him. Here the car backs into a kubelwagon and every body Jumps out and runs through the house. All went according to plan!
TruckrideThis was probably my favorite contribution to Call of Duty. I scripted all of this stuff here. The mechanics of the Sgt. Waters handing the player the Panzerfaust. I got to plug in the Voice Over that was done by Jason Statham (the Call of Duty moviestar), so I felt very special by plugging in the .wav or .mp3 of a moviestar.
Call of DutyEverybody wanted to see cars do dramatic crashes when the player shot them. Realizing that we probably weren't going to have the time to implement cool non-buggy realistic physics powered vehicle crashes I suggested a script solution that turned out to work very well. The script would have a bunch of nodes near track designated as crashpaths so that when the car died it would find the nearest crash path and take it.

TruckrideWhile Mackey did the original geometry for this level the art content wasn't quite developed so I got to do a lot of geometry changes and new art implementation. All of the trees, the mountains, the textures were added by me. That cool explosion was scripted by me too. I spent a little too much time on that waterfall off to the right, modifying shaders things that hardly anyone would notice.

TruckrideA shortcut that I have a slight regret about taking was to not have Sgt. Waters climb up underneath the bridge to fix the bomb. Instead I placed a rock in the players view and had him run down behind it while the player was supposed to cover him with a sniper rifle. It turned out pretty well but I can't help but think how cool it would have been to see Sgt Waters climbing under the bridge. On the flipside I could have been distracting an animator from doing some other great animations like Stalingrad.
AirfieldThis level was all mine. It's a real bang-for-buck level in that I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it and it doesn't take the player long to finish. I especially liked the powersliding truck with Sgt. Waters firing his pistol in the direction of his enemies.
AirfieldA neat little scripting adventure that I had was the implementation of dust kick up on vehicles. I got to work with a lot of people on it and it went really smoothly.
AirfieldThese airplanes use the vehicle crash script to get shot down from the sky. The level looks really cool in the editor with all the plane crash paths being drawn, there are soo many different ways these planes can crash.
AirfieldWhen the game neared the end we had a "Kleenex tester" come in and play the game through. A Kleenex tester is a random person from the target audience (which is Everybody in the world) who plays the game and helps us get an idea of how the game feels to someone with no prior experience with the game. One of the Kleenex tester's favorite level was Airfield.
TankdrivecountrySince I became "the vehicle guy" in Call of duty I got to do the obligatory tank driving mission. Vehicle AI in COD is all done by the level scripter. I take some pride in knowing that I scripted AI.. even if was just simple vehicles =). These tanks have "squad" behavior.
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