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Nali Villagethe nali village that could only afford a population of 1 or 2 in PSX land.
Planks!One of the favorites. some of the planks were keyframe animated so they'd slip and slide around as the player tried to make their way across the lava pit.
crater transporterwith not much time left on the project and a whole lot of unfinished levels I stepped in to quickly produce this masterpiece of a level =). this is a big interplanetary transporter device and is really big. Beam me up!
Beaming outthere is a short out of body camera showing of the transporting effect.
abandoned tunnelAnother one of those "OH crap there are missing levels and we're running out of time" levels. it turned out pretty cool.. by this point in the project I had mastered a technique I called "the blob method". It was torcherous but got the job done. The blob method consisted of taking a tesselated cube and then moving all the vertices into position to create organic geometry.
going inI've always been the "cool outdoor scene" scene guy but every once in a while I try to do a cool interior. This one isn't too bad.
the shaft!No sci-fi game is complete without a long elevator shaft with a twirling red light going off.
kryo chamberI had an array of these chambers at first but had to trim it back to just one for performance sake.
DeathmatchI almost forgot about this very cool level. It took place in broken down VR. you could see busted out pannels that showed a sort of scrolling sparking wireframe view and the sky scrolled around like crazy giving you a very fast pace feeling. Teleporters would send you flying through a random space outside of this arena to get to another space inside of the arena.
strategicly placed planthere I have some volumetric fog in the background and a well placed plant. This was on PSX so we had to make every Plant placement count.
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