4-19-08: CoD4: Creek

Overdue for an update here. This is a map that I recently poored a bit of heart and soul into. Can't claim it entirely though as I handed it off to the crack team at infinityward for gameplay mashing.

here's keeping up with the youtube age and all the cool kids.

This is the level that I worked on for CoD4.

I can't claim this one so much but I did do an initial version of it that I think could have been a catalyst for what we see here. If you can find the original trailer you can see the level as it was when I was working on it very briefly.

Oh here it is:

6-11-06: CoD2: Medic!

Some more "too much freetime" work. I took a stab at reverse-engineering Dr.Mario in the COD2 engine Using the scripting language and the map editor. Oh no those pretty Nature scenes have scrolled away!

Download: medic.zip

9-19-05: CoD2: screens released

Wow! It has been almost a year since the last update. Here are some publicly released screen shots of stuff I've been working on. More in the Gallery.

9-29-04: UT2K4: Nature Scene

Some Unreal Terrrain editting but mostly custom artwork and maya modeling. I created all of the art in these shots including the water particles and projector shadows.

8-27-04: UT2K4: Random Maya modeling

These are some "getting to know Maya" models rendered in UT2K4.

4-21-04: Quake3: Natedm3 Final

This is the map I submitted for the Burial-grounds map making contest.

get it on MAPS & DOWNLOADS.

12-19-03: Call of Duty: fun with Lines..

what do you get when you have too much free time? COD Lines. see MAPS & DOWNLOADS.