Infinity Ward - Zied Rieke, Lead Designer

I worked with Nathan Silvers on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead and Call of Duty. On the latter two of those I was his direct supervisor. Nate always did a great job with both scripting and geometry and I would gladly hire him again if you would move back to LA. Nate built and scripted the tank drive levels for Call of Duty and wrote the friendly and enemy tank AI single handedly. Nate also built and scripted the Austrian mountains truck ride level, much of the script for which was reused for the Normandy car ride level, which he created much of the geometry for. I could assign him difficult tasks and be confident that he would do a great job with them without needing prodding or supervision. Nate was very cheerful and well liked by the rest of the team.

Zied Rieke
Lead Designer
Infinity Ward